E-Recruitment concentrates resources and efforts to ensure the community has a solid workforce, people looking for employment have opportunities, and companies operating here have access to the best talent possible. We operate on the idea that human resources is more about building relationships and making the right connection,matching the companies and qualified candidates that share common ideas and needs. 

Our staff has more than 25 years of combined experience, with backgrounds in recruiting, employee relations, corporate training, and human resource services. This is what allows us to provide more effective services and better pair people with companies. When it comes labor, staffing, and employment solutions, we're the company to contact.

We are the best source of specialized senior management level of recruitment, bulk recruitment out-sourcing, resume writing, staffing & careers Solutions. We are a group of Professionals & Consultants .We always works as a leader of the Employment and Headhunters Community. 

We work with all small to large companies, corporate, MNC`s, Consultants, Business Houses, We covers most of the Service sector ,Manufacturing sector ,IT & Technology Sector, FMCG ,Logistics ,Airline ,Shipping ,Infra ,Oil & Gas ,Steel, Mining, Institutions, Media, Fashion ,R&D and numerous other sector of the Industries. 

Our Sourcing Process

We are one of the old headhunting company having a large data bank & network of the professionals and have a fine approach to candidate sourcing and evaluation. Each step of the pr process research to final assessment, is directly managed by the senior experts.

Our way to work includes the following components:

  1. Detailed understanding of the client organization and the requirement.
  2. Conducting  detailed research.
  3. Screening the candidates from our data and searching the best talent  via our big network
  4. Interviewing, recruiting and finding the in deft details about candidates
  5. Helping in client interview strategy and briefing
  6. Helping both employer and employee in salary and designation
  7. Managing the offer from organization
  8. Convincing and insuring the candidate joining on time.

Our Specialized work field

  • Energy, Infrastructure, Engineering, Civil & Industrial Construction.
  • Oil & Gas, Process, Chemical & Pharma Industries.
  • Real Estate, Property Development, & Architectures.
  • Civil, Architect, Engineering& Process Design,
  • Logistics &Supply Chain, Consumer Goods & Manufacturing.
  • Pharmaceutical, Health, Hospitality,& Wellness.
  • Marketing & Communication.
  • Hospitality, Retail, Education & Resource.
  • Non-profit, Financial & Professional Services.
  • Technology, IT, Entertainment ,Legal & Financials.
  • Mining, Cement, Fertilizer, cotton & Refined Industries.
  • Media, Diamond & Jewelry ,Fitness s &Health Club industries. 

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